Resources and items for creative conferences designed to help you get out of the office and into some inspiration

Attending a conference can help you learn new skills, gain important insights and connect with new people. Not to mention coming home bursting with inspiration and motivation.

The trouble is finding the right conference for you. We all know the behemoths like SXSW and Web Summit, but what if you’re looking for a conference on javascript, content marketing or design research? You’d be in for a merry chase to find anything like that, not to mention finding one that is close to you geographically. is a result of a spreadsheet of conference kept by digital designer Joakim Norman that was recently turned into a website. It attempts to solve this problem by letting users browse several hundred conference split into categories like design, code and UX. All items can filtered by country, time period and topic.

The website is in an MVP phase but we’re actively working on new features and ways to provide value to our users.

Facts about

Soft launch May 6th of 2018

Created by Joakim Norman with UX sparring and support from Julia Vestermark

Was originally a personal Google Spreadsheet kept by Joakim Norman to keep track of design conferences

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark

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